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Dream Big: Foot Path Winery

Dream Big: Foot Path Winery

August 22, 2014

It truly is a family affair with the Foote family here at Foot Path Winery!

Deane Foote, owner/winemaker

Deane Foote, owner/winemaker

Check in every month where we feature a new interview with our Temecula Valley winemakers and winery owners. You’ll learn where they came from before settling in Temecula, CA – and what keeps them passionate about the sometimes not-so-glamorous art (and science) of making good wine in California.

Dream Big: With owner Deane Foote, Foot Path Winery

1. What were you thinking when you decided to open a winery? Well, we’d been making wine for several years – just for ourselves – and we really enjoyed it. We kept planting different varietals on our property and before we knew it, we had too much wine for just our family. After we entered a few competitions and actually won several medals, the wife (Christine) said we should open a winery. I just listen…
2. Why Temecula? We actually have owned our property here since 2002. It’s home! We live and work in our backyard. What started out as a little 11/2 acre vineyard has grown to 7 acres. It’s still not enough fruit for us, though, so we buy locally from our neighbors.
3. Your vineyard is certified organic – and you’re the only Temecula winery that holds that distinction. How does that work?  To certify as an organic grower, we’re required to meet stringent standards mandated at both state and federal levels. We also grow lots of citrus here on our farm – and all of it is organic. It requires a much more hands on approach to farming; no insecticides or herbicides allowed. We do a lot of hoeing and raking around here.
4. What keeps you up at night? Being such a small, totally family run operation, we depend and rely upon an all volunteer crew. It gets pretty tough around harvest time; the hours can be brutal. We also hand bottle all of our own wines and that takes a lot of labor. You find out really quick who your friends are. Our wine club members provide a lot of manpower. And they like to work for wine! The slot machines have always been most interesting online casino game . Several years ago slot machines have stepped upon a absolutely different level – casino players can entertain with slots with a storyline, perfect music and best graphics.
5. So… was Christine (the wife) right? Are you glad you listened? Christine is always right! We love the lifestyle and it really is a lot of fun. Meeting so many people and sharing our wines with them is very gratifying. We’re pretty darn lucky.

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