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Mid-Week Wine Tasting Guide

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

For many, summer vacation is quickly coming to an end.  But, how about squeezing in one more little get-a-way before the dog days of summer are over?

Whether you can get away overnight, or just want to take a day trip, a mid-week visit to Temecula Valley Wine Country should prove to be a relaxing and enjoyable break.

There are many advantages to visiting wine country during the week.  Much less busy weekdays are the perfect opportunity to allow yourself time to enjoy our 30+ member wineries’ offerings.  At a slower pace, you’ll be able to enjoy more one-on-one time with the knowledgeable wine servers (or even the winemakers and/or winery owners themselves if you’re lucky) at each of your stops.

In addition, the tasting prices tend to be lower during the week than on the weekends and some wineries even offer two-for-one wine tasting coupons and additional discounts if you’re tasting during the week.  And, if we haven’t convinced you yet….there’s no waiting in line to dine at our wonderful wine country restaurants that are very busy on the weekends. If you’d like to spend the night you’ll be pleased with the selection of hotels and their reduced mid-week rates.  Hotels in the area are generally booked months in advance on the weekends.

You may want to visit in September, as we’re celebrating California Wine Month with a special weekday SIP Passport.  This passport allows you to visit any four wineries of your choice for $40.  Visit our website at www.temeculawines.org to purchase your passport. Good wine goes well with an excellent mobile slots casino games , played on your smartphone or tablet.

While we’d love to see you at any time here in Temecula Valley Wine Country, give us a try on a Wednesday sometime….we think you’ll be glad you did!


Early Spring in Temecula Valley: What is bud break?

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Bud break is the first stage of growth for a wine grape.  Every grape in the Northern Hemisphere begins its annual growth cycle around March.  This growth process occurs over a number of days and the length is determined by the grape variety, location, and weather.  It’s always an exciting time when the first sign of green begins emerging in the vineyards!

Bud break begins when the tiny buds on the vine start to swell.  What’s interesting to note is that these buds actually appear in the summer of the previous growth cycle – they are green and covered in scales.  During winter, the buds go dormant and brown and in the spring, they begin to sprout green shoots and finally, grape leaves.

In warm climates like Temecula Valley, it takes about four weeks until the growth of the shoots start to rapidly accelerate, with the tendrils growing an average of one inch per day.


Check out this grape growth chart to explain the stages of bud break:


  Growth Stage 1 – Sprouting – brown “wool” clearly visible
  Growth Stage 2 – Beginning of bud break – green shoot tips just visible
  Growth Stage 3 – Bud break – green shoot tips clearly visible
  Growth Stage 4 – Bud break – green shoot tips slightly opened
  Growth Stage 5 – Leaf development – some leaves unfurl
*Credit for the bud break chart and info goes to Janice Schmidt, a UC Davis trained enologist.


Here’s some Temecula Valley bud break beauty snapshots, courtesy of Falkner Winery.  Happy early spring from wine country!


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