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Premier Wine Country

Southern California’s
Premier Wine Country

Just a short drive from Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and other major Southern California cities, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the vine-draped hillsides and welcoming wineries of Temecula Valley–Southern California’s wine country.

Less than 25 miles from the coast, the region is bathed in SoCal sunshine and cooled by sea air flowing into the valley through dips in the Coastal Range. This Mediterranean climate, combined with fast-draining sandy loam soils create the perfect growing conditions for top-quality wine grapes.

Spanish missionaries saw that potential when they planted the first wine grapes in this valley in 1820, and in the late 1960s, the first commercial vineyard was planted here. Since then, Temecula Valley has evolved into one of California’s premier wine regions, growing more than 30 varieties and home to nearly 50 wineries that produce a wide array of critically-acclaimed and award-winning wines.

Add to that a rich assortment of hotels, resorts, spas and restaurants located at the wineries, and it’s easy to see why Temecula Valley was voted one of the world’s Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2019.

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