Temecula Wine Country Responsible Partner Program Agreement

The Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association (TVWA) is encouraging responsible transportation companies to visit the multiple wineries in Temecula Wine Country. As transportation companies are aware, the wineries are held to laws and high standards within the State of California and the County of Riverside to maintain an orderly and safe environment where alcoholic beverages are being served. A problem currently faced by many Temecula Wineries is the number of highly intoxicated and disruptive customers being brought to them by transportation companies. Therefore, the wineries desire to develop a closer working relationship with those transportation companies who on a best effort basis will attempt to not bring to their wineries overly intoxicated or disruptive customers and who agree to deal with problems related to this topic when it is brought to their attention. The TVWA wineries have agreed to:
• Provide preference to those transportation companies that have agreed to and signed the Responsible Partner Program Agreement
• Provide promotion of the transportation company by maintaining and releasing a Responsible Partner List with company contact information to each TVWA member winery on a monthly basis.
• Establish individual winery and transportation company promotional programs on a case by case basis

 As an approved Transportation Company, I agree to the following:

To register for the Responsible Partner Program and additional information please click on the links below:

Download Registration Agreement Here (PDF - 133KB)
• Q & A on Responsible Partner Program (PDF - 30KB)
ABC Codes Information (PDF - 63KB)
• TVWA Tasting Etiquette (PDF - 165KB)
For web link advertising opportunities please follow this link: Preferred Partner Web Link Ad (PDF 143KB)


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