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Temecula Valley Fruit Availability Listing

2022 HARVEST - For Fruit & Bulk Wine Availability please click HERE to view. Please note information on this listing is subject to change at any time. Please contact seller directly for their most up to date information or for any additional questions. 

Actual grape pricing, sales and conditions of sale are the sole responsibility of the individual grower and the winery buyer. Prices may vary based on the quality of vineyard practices performed.
TVWA is not responsible for any pricing. 

Pricing should reflect good grape quality and vineyard practices. Examples are as follows:
 GWSS treatment 
 Canopy Management, Shoot-thinning and Leaf Pulling 
 Regulated Deficit Irrigation
 Dropping fruit to reduce Crop Load
 Type of trellis system and spacing
 Clones & Rootstocks
 Brix levels