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Award Winning Wines

The People have voted! Congratulations to the following wineries for their recent accolades at the California State Fair Expo.

Plan your visit soon and experience these and other award-winning wines
produced in the Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country!



California State Fair 2022

2018SyrahMonte De Oro WineryBest of Region, Gold 99
2020Pinot BlancSouth Coast WineryBest of Class; Region 100
2018Cabernet FrancMonte De Oro WineryBest of Class; Double Gold 99
2019MalbecBaily Vineyard & WineryBest of Class 91
2021Sauvignon BlancSouth Coast WineryBest of Class 91
2019ViognierSouth Coast WineryBest of Class 96
2017Bordeaux Red Varietal BlendsOak Mountain WineryBest of Class; Gold 95
2019Generic Red WineAkash WineryBest of Class; Silver 91
2018Cabernet SauvignonBaily Vineyard & WineryBest of Class; Silver 88
2018MerlotMonte De Oro WineryBest of Class; Silver 91
2018TempranilloMonte De Oro WineryBest of Class; Silver 88
2020Grenache BlancSouth Coast WineryBest of Class; Silver 90
2019MourvedreOak Mountain WineryDouble Gold 99
2021RieslingBaily Vineyard & WineryGold 95
2020SyrahFalkner WineryGold 96
2021GewurztraminerSouth Coast WineryGold 96
2020RieslingSouth Coast WineryGold 94
nv Rose SparklingSouth Coast WineryGold 94
nv Sparkling BrutSouth Coast WineryGold 96
2021RieslingAkash WinerySilver 88
2021RoseAkash WinerySilver 93
2021Sauvignon BlancAkash WinerySilver 88
2019Petite SirahAkash WinerySilver 88
2021RoseBaily Vineyard & WinerySilver 88
2018Cabernet FrancBaily Vineyard & WinerySilver 91
2020Sweet Late Harvest white varietalC ‘est La Vie at Europa VillageSilver 88
2018SyrahC ‘est La Vie at Europa VillageSilver 90
2020Bordeaux Red Varietal BlendsFalkner WinerySilver 93
2018Rhone Red Varietal BlendMonte De Oro WinerySilver 88
2018ZinfandelMonte De Oro WinerySilver 88
2020Late Harvest GewurztraminerSouth Coast WinerySilver 93
2019Sauvignon BlancSouth Coast WinerySilver 88
2018GrenacheSouth Coast WinerySilver 90
nv Sparkling Extra DrySouth Coast WinerySilver 91
2018Red Varietal BlendBaily Vineyard & WineryBronze 86
2017MeritageBaily Vineyard & WineryBronze 87
2020AlbarinoBolero at Europa VillageBronze 87
2020All other white varietals Bolero at Europa VillageBronze 87
2018Grenache/GarnachaBolero at Europa VillageBronze 86
2018Other Red Varietal BlendsBolero at Europa VillageBronze 86
2019ChardonnayC ‘est La Vie at Europa VillageBronze 86
2018Bordeaux Red Varietal BlendsC ‘est La Vie at Europa VillageBronze 87
2018Bordeaux Red Varietal BlendsMonte De Oro WineryBronze 84
2018Cabernet SauvignonMonte De Oro WineryBronze 86
2018Petite SirahMonte De Oro WineryBronze 86
2018Red Varietal BlendMonte De Oro WineryBronze 84
2019SangioveseOak Mountain WineryBronze 84
nv PortOak Mountain WineryBronze 87
2021Pinot GrigioSouth Coast WineryBronze 86
2020Pinot GrigioSouth Coast WineryBronze 87
nv Natural Sparkling WineSouth Coast WineryBronze 87
2018BarberaVienza at Europa VillageBronze 87
2018Other Red Varietal BlendsVienza at Europa VillageBronze 84

New York International Wine Competition

2018HafezFazeli Cellars 91
2018KhayyamFazeli Cellars 93