Spielbank Berlin is looking for casino professionals

In Berlin, the local casino is desperately looking for qualified casino staff. For this purpose, the casino has founded its own training center, Berlin Academy, so that in the future suitable employees can be trained in a targeted manner. The casino has sought active support for this in the form of the Berlin creative agency Strobinski, which is to plan a campaign to make people aware of this career path in the first place. In addition to creative job titles, there are other contents that are intended to arouse interest.

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Film to be shown in Berlin cinemas

A central component of the campaign is a film featuring casino employees, with all their job titles, skills and tasks that seem strange to the casual viewer. The aim is to raise awareness of the career and show it as an opportunity. The film created in this way is to be shown in Berlin cinemas this week. But the casino also wants to use all its social media channels and generate attention with the help of online banners, which can be found on the website ab4casino.

Around the job: Casino professionals wanted

According to Spielbank Berlin, the gaming industry offers versatile training opportunities and exciting career prospects. Apprentices in the various casino disciplines gain rows of practical experience alongside the theoretical basis of their work. After the apprenticeship, however, they have options in the industry all over the world. According to the company, this is not just about finding a profession, but also a vocation. It's just that not enough people know about this path yet.

Vocations in the casino industry

Prospective customers should bring along a fast comprehension, a certain measure of knowledge of human nature and dexterity. The destination is the Spielbank Berlin Academy, where future casino professionals are trained. This is an institution that is not only still a novelty worldwide, but also the first of its kind in Germany. Those who decide to pursue such a career will find Spielbank Berlin a promising, reliable employer in a vibrant cosmopolitan city and a job with its finger on the pulse.

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The industry lacks skilled workers

The reason for the campaign and the advertising is that the shortage of skilled workers in the gaming industry seems to be high. The gaming house Berlin is among other things hand urgently on the search for Roulette and Poker Croupiers, thus the professionals at the edge of the playing fields in the different disciplines, of which also the genuine Casino experience lives. The shortage of skilled workers, which also affects the casino in Berlin, is not just a German problem, however, but an international one.

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