COVID-19 Announcement

In addition to our announcement below, please click HERE for updated hours of operation and reservation information for the wineries. Information included is subject to change at any time without prior notice. We ask that you remember to bring your protective face covering when visiting wine country. We appreciate your continued support of the wineries in Temecula Valley and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Updated July 2, 2020

This afternoon, the Governor of California announced that effective immediately, our County’s wineries are temporarily banned from serving wine or food indoors.  Our wineries are allowed to remain open for wine tasting, wine by the glass and wine bottle sales, as long as they are consumed outdoors. Wine bottle purchases to be consumed outdoors or elsewhere, wine club pick-ups and retail will still be allowed in the tasting room.  This also applies to our winery restaurants; they may remain open as long as any food and wine is consumed outdoors.  

While this is not an ideal situation, our wineries will continue to operate under the State mandated guidelines for the health and safety of our guests and their staff members.  We urge you to continue your patience with us as our wineries adjust to this new mandate and abide by all of the guidelines outlined by our County and State.  Masks will be required to be worn at all times unless you are seated for wine tasting and/or meals (or you have a medical condition that excludes you from wearing one) and social distancing will be required.  Please do your part to keep your fellow wine-loving friends and our staff members safe and healthy.  

We will be updating hours of operation and reservation information for our member wineries as soon as we receive them and repost on this page so please check back again. We appreciate your continued support of the wineries in Temecula Valley and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Updated July 1, 2020

While we in Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country have been diligent in adhering to CDC, state, and county guidelines for managing the risks associated with COVID-19, we have recently learned of certain isolated incidences in which an employee has tested positive for the virus in the region. As with other regions, and the rest of the population, this remains a risk for the foreseeable future, until we have a vaccine or effective treatment option. 

We want to assure locals and visitors to our wineries that we are in close communication with the Riverside County Health Department, and they are providing guidance on additional protocols and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all guests, vendors and employees. 

We are also in close communication with our member wineries to assess risk factors and relay important information pertaining to contact tracing, sanitation, and voluntary closures. We are encouraging all wineries to revisit the guidelines set forth by the CDC to ensure that they are compliant and proactive in their handling of this situation. 

As of now, the affected wineries have implemented voluntary closures, and are working to re-sanitize facilities, test all employees for the virus, and step up additional cleaning and health-screening practices. We also all continue to maintain strict social distancing and mask requirements. 

Affected wineries will not reopen until they can verify that all employees are in good health, and the establishment has been thoroughly sanitized.

We are a small, closely-knit region made up of mostly family-owned and operated wineries. We care deeply about our guests as well as one another. We will continue to do our best to manage this situation with urgency and transparency. There is nothing more important to us than the health and well-being of our visitors, our employees, and our community. 

We understand if you are not yet comfortable visiting our wineries. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to experience Temecula Valley from the comfort of your own home, from local deliveries, to online ordering, to virtual wine tastings, and more. We encourage you to explore some of these unique options through our website and social media, and look forward to seeing you in our tasting rooms hopefully sooner than later. 

For a list of the wineries’ current hours of operation and additional information to assist you with your visit, please click HERE. We ask that you remember to bring your protective face covering when visiting wine country. For more detailed information regarding this guidance (and the exceptions to the mandate), please click HERE to view. 

Thank you for your continued patience and support during this challenging time. 

Updated June 18, 2020

The California Governor’s office announced today, June 18, 2020, that face coverings are now mandatory in common and public indoor spaces and outdoors when distancing is not possible.

Please help us to keep the visitors and staff of Temecula Valley Wine Country safe by adhering to this latest mandate. We ask that you remember to bring your protective face covering when visiting wine country. For more detailed information regarding this guidance (and the exceptions to the mandate), please click HERE to view. 

For a list of the wineries’ current hours of operation and additional information to assist you with your visit, please click HERE. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and thank you as always for your continued support!

Updated June 12, 2020
As Temecula Valley Wine Country begins the slow and careful process of welcoming visitors back to our wineries and restaurants after this long break, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we reopen keeping the health and safety of our guests and employees as our top priority. Click HERE for a list of current operating hours and reservation information for the wineries. Keep in mind that the information here is subject to change without prior notice. 

These past few months have been tough on everyone. But your support – whether it was maintaining your wine club membership, joining us for virtual tastings, ordering wines online or over the phone, engaging with us on social media, or simply reaching out to say hi – has gotten us through this.
We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing loyalty to our wineries and the Temecula Valley region in general, and we cannot wait to see your smiling faces back in our tasting rooms and restaurants.

Updated May 23, 2020

The following are a list of wineries that are open or will be opening next weekend to serve glasses of wine and bottles of wine as long as it is purchased with a meal. Please note wineries that are not listed below are OPEN for wine bottles sales and wine club pick-ups only (no on-site wine tasting). For a full list of our wineries please visit our Winery Listing page. We thank you for continuing to support them!

Please contact the wineries directly for additional information on for their hours, reservation and safety requirements.
For an updated list please click HERE.


Approval of limited opening - Stage 2.5!
Today, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors announced that the Governor’s office approved a variance that would allow “Dine-In-Restaurants” to re-open in our County. The Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) has defined that "dine-in restaurants" includes restaurants and brewpubs, as well as supplier licensees that permit tasting and/or private events (such as wineries, breweries, and craft distillers). While our wineries are still not allowed to offer any sort of wine tasting on property, they will be allowed to sell glasses of wine and bottles of wine, as long as their guests purchase a meal provided by the winery restaurant, a licensed caterer or a food truck. 

While this is much welcome news, many of our wineries will need some time to transition into this new way of doing business and to ensure that they are following the health and safety guidelines set forth by the State of California and Riverside County.  We will be keeping our website current with information that we receive from the wineries as to their operating hours at this time.  Be sure to keep checking back often. 

Thank you, wine-loving friends, for your continued support of our Temecula Valley wineries and we look forward to welcoming you back!

Updated May 22, 2020
When will Temecula Valley wineries be re-opening?
It has been two months since the Governor of California’s “Shelter-in Place” orders closed our wineries for wine-tasting and on-site wine consumption due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, during this time, we’ve seen our loyal, wine-loving Temecula Valley Wine Country friends show their support for the wineries by ordering wine online, picking up wine “to-go,” joining their wine clubs and participating in virtual wine tastings and meet-ups.  And for that support, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Understandably, you’re ready to come back and visit, enjoy a glass (or two) of wine and take in the beauty that is Temecula Wine Country.  We’re certainly ready for that too!  Our wineries are busy putting together health and safety protocols in order to ensure that their customers and staff remain safe and healthy when we are able to re-open.  When will that be? At this time, we don’t know, but we are working closely with our County and State officials to show them that we are ready to open responsibly. 

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back very, very soon!  Please continue to visit this page for updates.

Updated: May 14, 2020
How is Temecula Valley Wine Country Responding to the COVID-19 Situation?

Yesterday, March 16 2020, Riverside County issued an order of the Health Officer to take certain aggressive measures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus within our community and beyond. As we are part of Riverside County, this ordinance impacts wineries throughout the region. 

What does this Mean? 

The implication of this to Wine Country is that the majority our tasting rooms are temporarily closed to the public for wine tasting and on-site wine consumption. While our local wineries do this with a heavy heart, we must all work together so that our doors are back open for you to come visit as soon as possible.

Can I Still Buy Wine?

While this order severely limits our wineries’ abilities to provide public wine tastings, there are numerous other ways you can still enjoy Temecula Valley wines. 

Our wine region was largely built on the direct-to-consumer model, so we are fully equipped to sell online and ship wine for home consumption. Many wineries will remain open to fulfill online orders, wine club pick-ups and on-site purchasing using social distancing protocols. Many are also implementing local delivery to certain areas.

You can also take advantage of our new Sip From Home program. Participating wineries are offering special discounts, wine packages, and shipping incentives to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to get the wines you love so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home. 

What About Wine Country Restaurants?

In an effort to comply with the Riverside County ordinance, many of our winery restaurants have closed for dining in or are reducing their hours of operation. Some of the restaurants that have closed are offering take-out options. Don’t want to brave the grocery store right now? Think about ordering wine and dinner from your favorite Temecula Valley winery. Be sure to check individual winery websites or call ahead to confirm your options. 

What if I Need More Information? 

We will keep our website up-to-date with all information pertaining to this situation. Please click HERE for information on winery operations and how you can support Temecula Valley wineries through the "Sip From Home" program and click here for a press relase. This is an emerging and rapidly evolving situation and we have compiled a list of resources for up-to-date information:

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
California Department of Public Health:
Riverside County Public Health:

Essential Business means:
Agriculture, food, and beverage cultivation, processing, and distribution, including but not limited to, farming, ranching, fishing, dairies, creameries, wineries and breweries, and transporting such products, or the wholesale or retail sale of such products, for purchase and pickup only, provided that, to the extent possible, such businesses comply with Social Distancing Requirements and otherwise provide for the health and safety of employees; 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or individual wineries if you have any questions regarding an upcoming event or visit to one of our tasting rooms.

Thank you and stay well.
Updated: April 13, 2020

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