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Winery Spotlight: Get to Know… Doffo Winery

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

The Story

Nestled on the Northeast border of the Temecula Valley, CA sits Doffo Winery. Founded in 1997 by Marcelo Doffo, it is one of a few micro-boutique wineries in the region and the only one built around the former site of a Temecula historic landmark schoolhouse. Situated on 15 acres of rolling vineyards, the winery possesses a unique combination of old world values and warm family charm.  It is also home to MotoDoffo, the family’s private collection of over 100 racing and vintage motorcycles.

Famous for handcrafted reds, Doffo is focused on small lot, limited production wines made in the old world style. Reminiscent of their Italian/Argentine heritage, Doffo is the only winery in the region to feature an outdoor, wood-burning oven and grill where they often serve “The Parilla”, a delicious staple of the Argentine table, served with their own Chimichurri sauce and paired with exceptional Doffo wine.

The Wines

The unique micro-climate of Temecula Valley drives the characteristics of their wines and plays a distinct role in shaping the final result. Their collective experience, family traditions and farming techniques, combine with the terroir to create intensely flavored wines of complex structure, texture and bold, rich fruit.

Their philosophy has always been that good winemaking begins in the vineyard. They start by hand planting each vine and providing careful attention daily. They prune their vines and thin their grape clusters throughout the growing season to maximize fruit concentration and ensure the highest quality in the grapes. They also play classical music in the vineyard to soothe the grapes as they develop and mature.

To shop the Doffo wine store online, click here.

The Tasting Room, Marketplace and Winery Tours

Doffo Winery’s motto, “Enter as a stranger… leave as a friend,” starts the moment you enter their intimate tasting room, filled with warm-colored hues, vintage Ducati motorcycles, stylish art prints and hospitable staff. The Doffo family greets you with a warm welcome and are always excited to share their passion for great wine and vintage motorcycles with their guests.

Doffo winery’s tasting room is open daily from 10am-5pm and offers two tasting options. Standard Wine Tasting is $10 and includes 6 wines. Premium Tasting includes 5 of their premium wines; prices vary on availability, so check with the staff to see what premium selections are being offered for the day.

Doffo offers a variety of vineyard and winery tours to suit your taste and budget. Enjoy one or all of them; either way you’re sure to have a wonderful experience.


Take a vineyard tour aboard the Doffo Winery “Malbec Express” – an eco-friendly, Ferrari-style Bus. You will learn all about Doffo’s unique farming methods, why they play music in the vineyard, the different varietals, and visit Marcelo’s incredible motorcycle collection. The tour concludes with a Premium Tasting and cheese plate in the Moto-Barrel Room.

Weekdays: 11am and 2pm

Weekends: 10am / 12pm / 2pm / 4pm

Admission: $45/person

Tours are approximately 1 1/2 hours


Visit Doffo and stroll the grounds of their beautiful boutique vineyard. This self-guided tour begins in their tasting room where you can pick up a tour brochure. It includes interesting facts and places on the Doffo property. There is no cost; just a few limitations and restrictions.

Hours: 10am – 5pm

Admission: Free


Visit Doffo for their wines, but stay for a tour of their vintage motorcycle and scooters. There is no cost for this tour. Simply check in at the tasting room and stroll to the MotoBarrel Room to view the MotoDoffo collection.

Hours: Thursday and Sunday 10am – Noon

Admission: Free

For information on any of these tours, please call ahead to 866-469-8466 or ask for more details in the tasting room.


Celebrate with Doffo

Whatever time of year or occasion, Doffo would be pleased to welcome you and your guests for private events in any or all of their four unique spaces. Their staff is ready to bring your event to life with music, the finest cuisine, great wine and tailor-made packages with options including traditional Tango Dancers and Argentinian Gauchos serving up a special feast.

Please visit their events page or contact them for more information about planning your special event with Doffo at 866.469.8466.

Doffo Winery
36083 Summitville
Temecula CA, 92592
Phone 951.676.6989
866.469.8466 |866-4myvino
Email: info@doffowines.com


Meet Your Winemaker…..Damian Doffo, Doffo Winery

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Damian and Marcelo Doffo

The father and son team of Marcelo and Damian Doffo share winemaking duties at their family-owned Doffo Winery, and pride themselves on handcrafted wines through which they share their Argentine and Italian heritage. Both men share a passion for great wine and vintage motorcycles-the latter which they display in MotoDoffo, the family’s private collection of over 100 beautiful bikes from years past.

Patriarch Marcelo was off on a business trip, so son Damian is profiled in this month’s “Meet Your Winemaker.”  We’re sure Dad would be proud!

1) What inspired you to go into winemaking?

When I was 10, my father started making wine in our backyard, and I had no intention of becoming a winemaker due to him telling me I was going to help him and “that was that.” However, as I grew older, the inspiration started coming from becoming a wine enthusiast, which eventually grew into a desire to learn the craft. I sincerely cherish being able to share the passion with my father and the time we spend developing a wine together is what keeps us going. Winemaking is as much of an art as it is a science, and to be able to create something that brightens someone’s mood is enough motivation to continue mastering our craft.
2) Did you have a winemaking mentor, and if so, can you tell us a bit about him or her?
I believe it goes without saying that my father is my mentor. His philosophy to winemaking is to keep it simple and to make do with what you have. When my father first started out in this industry, the tools, facilities and his own knowledge were very sparse, so the production was done with minimal resources. It may have not been the ideal situation but he always got the job done.  As we developed and became a winery, our production methods have still continued to be very simple and we trust our instincts when it comes to decision making.  We feel that although we are growing, we can not lose our way of doing things, so we continue to handcraft our wines and do not employ all the technological amenities offered for wine production. In other words, we like to keep it “old school.”

3) Have you had any “oops” moments during your early days of winemaking? If so, we’d love to hear the story!

For the safety of my employment I can’t go into a lot of detail! I will say that once, I was assembling all of the wines prior to bottling while my father was out of town on a business trip. I was working on our Zinfandel barrels when a customer asked for me  in the tasting room. I left my assistant to continue emptying the Zinfandel barrels, assuming that he would read the labels on them. I may have been gone all of 3 minutes and when I returned,  I was met with an unpleasant surprise.  Lets just say that the Zinfandel that was suppose to be dry got a little late harvest Zinfandel added to it! The mistake completely threw off my assembly! Luckily, with my dad being out of town, I had a few days to work on the wine before his return, and my mom and I decided it would be best to not let him know until the wine was already bottled. However, all’s well that ends well- after we bottled the Zinfandel, he tried it, loved it and so did the customers. That wine ended up selling out in a matter of months!

4) What do you feel has been your greatest achievement as a winemaker?

As a young winemaker that is a tough question, especially because we do not submit our wines to competitions. However, my greatest achievement as a winemaker is knowing that I have gained the trust of our family to be in charge of our production, from harvest to bottling. That, for me, is greater than any medal or recognition in the industry.  It’s a very rewarding feeling knowing that my father and mother trust me to not only make the wine but to continue our tradition of producing premium wines and trying to take our small family winery to the next level.

5) Give one piece of advice to aspiring winemakers:

My advice to aspiring winemakers is to follow your instincts. The industry has several norms and everyone has an opinion on how and why you should do certain things, but as a winemaker you have to trust your palate and believe in yourself. Also, never stop learning, and keep yourself well informed on all aspects of the operation of the winery.

Values And Splurges: Wines For Every Thanksgiving Table

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

We’re officially past the halfway mark in October, which means Halloween will be here and gone in a flash. Before you can say “turkey,” you’ll find yourself staring face to face with the biggest food holiday of the year- Thanksgiving! There’s no need to panic- we’ve got the perfect wine pairings to go with each dish on your Thanksgiving table so you’ll be way ahead of the curve. Just follow this simple guide and your friends and family will be thanking YOU for making their holiday meal extra special no matter what your budget.

Light appetizers:

Value: Stuart Cellars 2008 Pinot Grigio– $16.00

Splurge: Briar Rose Winery 2010 Estate Viognier- $25.00

These bright yet mellow whites pair well with light dishes to kick off your Thanksgiving meal. A salad of pears, blue cheese and walnuts or a lemony crab salad in endive leaves would be complimented by the white peach and floral notes of both wines.

Herbacious side dishes:

Value: Mount Palomar 2006 Sangiovese– $26.00

Splurge: Doffo Vineyards 2009 Syrah– $46.00

The bold, black fruit flavors of these reds pair especially well with stuffings and gravies featuring herbs such as sage, thyme and rosemary. Having an all-vegetarian Thanksgiving? Both wines are perfect for earthy mushroom and winter squash dishes as well.

Poultry, meats and heat

Value: Hart Family Winery 2007 Driveway Red– $20.00

Mid-range: Monte De Oro Winery 2007 Merlot- $28.00

Splurge: Weins 2008 Reserve Tempranillo-Petite Sirah- $49.00

Putting a Southwestern spin on your turkey this year? The dark fruit-spice in these big reds will enhance similar flavors in your chile rubbed turkey or peppered roasts. Whether you’re serving poultry, lamb or beef- all three are bold enough to stand up to richer meat courses.


Value: Keyways Vineyard Winery 2010 Muscat Canelli– $19.00

Splurge: Oak Mountain Winery 2005 Vintners Reserve Port– $28.00

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without dessert, and no dessert is complete without wine -at least we feel that way! Apple pies and pear tarts are practically made to pair with Keyways’ Muscat Canelli, in which red delicious apples, kiwi , pears, and apricots come together nicely with honeysuckle and jasmine undertones. Oak Mountain’s port has a nutty honeyed flavor to perfectly compliment the nutmeg and allspice flavors of pumpkin pie.

One Meal, One Wine:

Maurice Car’rie 2010 Chenin Blanc– $12.95

Palumbo Family Vineywards & Winery 2009 Rosato Secco Rose– $18.00

Falkner Winery 2009 Sauvignon Blanc– $18.95

South Coast Winery Ruby Cuvee– $22.00

You’ve spent the better part of Thanksgiving cooking, setting the table and cleaning the house for guests, so perhaps you’re looking to simplify and serve one wine from start to finish.  Any of these four, well-priced wines fit the bill. Each is lighter on the palate, with only subtle hints of sweetness making them suitable to drink with appetizers all the way to dessert.




Tour Doffo Winery in Temecula Wine Country, California

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Follow Marcelo Doffo as he shows you around the smallest winery in Temecula Wine Country. His old-world passion and family history shines through as he makes excellent boutique wine in limited batches. To learn more, visit Doffo Winery.

Tasting Room Hours: Friday-Sunday and Holidays 10 am-5 pm; 951.676.6989; doffowines@verizon.net; 36083 Summitville Temecula CA, 92592


Wine Pairing for the Fourth of July

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Getting ready for this weekend’s Fourth of July festivities? Don’t forget to pick up your wines to pair with your celebratory barbecue or picnic. Since Independence Day is all about great outdoor eats, focus on wine pairings that can stand up to grilled foods. Whether it’s steak, seafood, or veggies on the menu, we’ve got the perfect pairing. Here is a selection of award-winning summer wines that will cool you down as the day heats up and keep you going all night until the fireworks start!


For burgers, dogs, and lamb kabobs, go for the big reds:

With chicken, salmon, and other seafood, opt for the light whites:


Friendly rose’s and sparkling wines pair with everything from appetizers to dessert:


Order your wine today!

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