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Mothers and Daughters of Wine Country Share Their Favorite Moments and Sips in Celebration of Mother’s Day

May 2nd, 2022

Mom & Daughter Enjoying Wine Together

Mother’s Day is around the corner and Wine Country is ripe with so many opportunities to surprise and delight your mom this time of year. The vineyards are slowly filling out with bright green foliage, the weather is warming up yet still pleasantly breezy, and wineries are offering everything from festive Mother’s Day brunches to curated offerings that moms will love.

But, more importantly, we love the unique ways the moms of Wine Country have built special traditions around Mother’s Day – and every day – surrounding delicious Temecula Valley wines shared with their families.

“On Mother’s Day, we usually round the men in the family up and make them cook for and cater to us for the day,” says Brand Marketing Partner Devin Parr. “My brother will usually prepare an elaborate spread – a full Thai dinner is our favorite – and my dad keeps our wine glasses filled with some of our top Temecula picks, like Hart Albariño or Robert Renzoni Montepulciano. My husband entertains the kids and will throw a foot massage in there for me for good measure.”

“My mom is more of a margarita gal, but we do have a special tradition my sister, my mom, and I do each year for the 3 of us,” says Bianca Castillo, TVWA Member Relations and Programs Manager. “My birthday is on May 10th and my sister’s birthday is May 11th, and every so often Mother’s day lands on either of our birthdays. So, we always get the three of us together and celebrate our special days. Maybe I’ll start convincing them to ditch the margaritas in favor of wine!”

TVWA Executive Director Krista Chaich has made a point to enjoy every Mother’s Day she can with her mom, other than during her eight-year stint in Dallas, Texas. “For many years we took turns cooking for each other,” she says. “But over the last couple of years, we’ve decided ‘To heck with that!’ and we’ve let someone else cook for us! It helps that we have so many wonderful restaurants in Temecula Valley Wine Country.”

Ultimate Wine Country matriarch and owner of Wilson Creek, Rosie Wilson, loves to take in the natural beauty of Temecula Valley and has made this appreciation a simple, yet special way to enjoy Mother’s Day with her daughter.

“My daughter and I love sitting on the porch overlooking the vines while sharing a glass of wine,” she says. “This is a time for us to really spend time together and catch up. The view is beautiful, and I love the conversation.”

While Mother’s Day is a moment each year to share with family and give thanks to the amazing role the moms in our lives play, sometimes it’s those special or everyday moments surrounding wine and time together that have stood out most among Wine Country mothers and daughters.

“My husband, Mom and Dad all met in Las Vegas to celebrate my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary,” shares Krista. “Before we left, I shipped several bottles of wine to our hotel’s restaurant that I had gotten custom labeled with their picture and a 25th wedding anniversary message. The night we celebrated their anniversary, the waiter brought two bottles of the wine to the table – you should have seen the look on my mom’s face! She was so surprised (and a bit confused for a moment as to why her picture was on a wine label!).  We had such a special night sharing those bottles of wine and memories of their 25 years together. We still talk about it to this day.”

“I have many memories with my daughter but one of the funniest we both will always remember is the time Libby dressed up as me,” recounts Rosie. “I frequently visit the winery and have lunch or tend to my flowers. One Halloween, Libby borrowed my clothes, did her hair just like mine, and wandered around the winery greeting guests and tending to the flowers.  Everyone thought she was me – even the employees!  Until she spoke.  It made me realize just how much she resembles me.”

As far as what everyone loves to sip during these moments together?

“Depends on the day,” says Krista. “But, right now, my mom is loving Bolero at Europa Village’s Cava sparkling wine.”

As for Rosie? “My daughter and I love the Wilson Creek Viognier.”


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