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Dream Big: Falkner Winery

July 25th, 2014

Having watched the growth of Temecula Valley wine country for almost 20 years BEFORE buying their property allowed owners Ray and Loretta Falkner to really know what they were getting into…

Check in every month where we feature a new interview with our Temecula Valley winemakers and winery owners. You’ll learn where they came from before settling in Temecula, CA – and what keeps them passionate about the sometimes not-so-glamorous art (and science) of making good wine in California.

Dream Big : With owners Ray and Loretta Falkner, Falkner Winery
1. So… you kept watch for almost 20 years and finally decided to pull the trigger and purchase a winery. Why Temecula? Well, when we discovered Temecula back in the 1970’s, we weren’t initially ready to make the move from Dallas where we lived and worked. But we kept coming back and actually visited the valley dozens of times during that time span. Of course, as lifelong wine lovers, we visited wine regions throughout California and the world, but there was something intriguing about Temecula. We loved the idea of buying into a relatively small growing area that we felt had enormous potential – and we knew we wanted to end up in Southern California. And that’s exactly what we did!
2. Tell us what it’s really like to own a winery: It’s a LOT of work, but we truly enjoy coming to work every day. There’s not many businesses where you have the opportunity to meet your customers face to face; where you have an opportunity to ask them their opinion about your product. It’s made a lasting impression on us, as owners, to realize that so many of our guests appreciate our commitment to providing a quality product. They thank us all the time. That makes all the hard work worth it.
3. So what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? What’s the best part? We own a winery! We control every aspect of our business and are involved in every decision. We’re both very hands-on, and that takes an enormous amount of personal energy, but it’s the most rewarding thing either of us has ever done. And every single day is different. we’re living our dream.
4. What’s the worst part? The late night calls and never really getting away from it all – even when we try to sneak in a vacation! But no complaints; there are definitely more pluses than minuses.
5. So… what’s in your glass? Hmmmmm, we’re both really enjoying our 2010 Amante right now. It’s a Super Tuscan blend and it’s tasting magnificent. We find it’s the little things in life that make us most happy these days. This is just the best job ever! Pakabukai, grandinėlės, apyrankės, žiedai ir sidabriniai auskarai Silvera

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