Doffo Vineyard & Winery

Slightly off the beaten path at the far end of Rancho California Road lies Doffo Winery, the first true petite winery in the Temecula Valley. The family owned winery is situated on 15 acres of lush vineyard and is home to one of two historical landmark school houses still standing in the region, giving the property a unique character and country charm.

Purchased in 1997 by Marcelo Doffo, the winery’s focus is on producing small lot, hand crafted wines that represent some of the best varietals grown in the Temecula Valley. At Doffo Winery, the goal is to create intensely flavored wines of complex structure, texture, and bold, rich fruit.

Our philosophy has always been that good winemaking begins in the vineyard. Starting with a bare parcel of land, Marcelo painstakingly prepared the soil and slowly added the trellises and irrigation lines. Doffo quickly learned just how difficult, though rewarding, owning and caring for a vineyard could be.

Thanks to the classical music played in the vineyard – and with meticulous care and cultivation - Doffo Winery is now capable of growing intense, rich fruit that truly expresses their commitment to making world class wines. The vineyards at Doffo Winery are pruned- and the grape clusters thinned- throughout the growing season to maximize fruit concentration and insure the highest quality in our grapes. Temecula’s unique micro climate, combined with hands-on care for both the vineyards and the wine, is clearly reflected in the finished products.

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Winery Profile

Address: Tasting Room: 36083 Summitville
Temecula, CA
Telephone: 951.676.6989 or
Owned by: Marcelo Doffo
Winery Established: 1997
Winemaker: Damiand & Marcelo Doffo
Amenities: Tasting Room, Wine Club
Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-5pm. Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm.
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