In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, we’d love to hear about your favorite visit to Temecula Valley’s Wine Country!  Perhaps you were one of our first visitors decades ago, or maybe just visited for the first time recently.

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Submitted Stories


Bought years ago and it is hanging in the kitchen area. Memories

Heather Davis

Mount Palomar Winery established their outdoor sherry solera in the 1970's, and it is still open and in use today. It is the oldest active one in the United States, and with the way the solera system works, there are still trace amounts of the original sherry in every bottle! If you visit the tasting room, you can taste that sherry from 1974 today.

Temecula Valley Winegrowers Assoc.

Who remembers Callaway Vineyard & Winery's Calla-Lees Chardonnay? The winery produced this white wine in the early 90's. It was their un-oaked version of a chardonnay and it was quite popular. Photo credit by Callaway Vineyard & Winery.

Krista Chaich

I've been fortunate to call Temecula Valley Wine Country my "second home" for 15 years. I've met the most amazing people who are committed to making this wine country the best that it can be, and along the way, have made some incredible friends. Cheers to 50 Years!

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